Crewed & Bareboat Yacht Charter

Mediterranean & Adriatic

What is a Crewed Yacht Charter

OceanBLUE Yachts Ltd. offer a large range of exclusive, privatley owned, yachts available for charter, usually on a minimum 7 night basis, although some yachts will consider charters as short as 3 days in off season, in the Mediterranean, Adriatiic, and now the Caribbean too. Depending upon the size, the yachts are either crewed just by a captain and hostess/cook,, or they are operated by a full compliment of crew - Captain, Engineer, Deck hand, Professional Chef, steward, stewardess etc. etc. , all paid for by the owner. Mostly everything is customised. And the bigger & more expensive the charter is, the more custom stuff, & toys you get!

Crewed yacht charter

Meals & Drinks - The yacht's Chef will provision the boat according to your food / diet preferences, which you will have communicated beforehand. This goes from vegetarian, low fat, to European cooking to American cooking to very rich, all chocolate and pastries! Most crewed boats have a professional chef on board., who will cook 3 meals a day, and often serve hors-d'oeuvre with cocktails before dinner. Some smaller yachts require the guests to have some evening meals ashore, but it is something you want to do anyway in order to enjoy the local food.

Itinerary - Again, the crew will accommodate any of your itinerary wishes, and the distance you want to travel every day, as long as the guests' requests are reasonable, of course. Remember: the Captain is in charge of the guests and the yacht safety. So he is ultimately decides what goes, not the guests. Going against him with unrealistic demands is not a good idea!

But remember - you are on board of a yacht operated by professionals. Therefore, they WILL do everything they can to make your cruise a memorable time for a simple reason: Word of mouth and repeat business are absolute key for them.

Charter rates -In the Mediterranean & Adriiatic, prices are often quoted "plus expenses" which means food and other extras. which can amount to an adittional 25-35% of the charter fee see Crewed Yacht Charter Terms for more details.

Why should you book through OceanBLUE Yachts

Most crewed charter yachts are, to some some extent, custom bulit and equipped to the owners requirements ( Jet Ski's, Windsurfers, Wakeboards, Water toys etc etc). Therefore, the quality of the boat, the competence of the crew, and the level of equipment and services can vary greatly between charter yachts. As a potential charterer, it is nearly impossible to detect the good from the bad. This is where OceanBLUE Yachts come in ! - With over 10 years experience and our excellent contacts within the yacht charter industry, we pride ourseleves on being able to offer the best, unbiased & independant, advice on the most suitable yacht & crew, to make your yacht charter vacation one to remember.A good example is cruising with children: Some crews are friendlier to, and better equipped for kids than others.

We will send you, by e-mail, an initial selection of recommended yachts, based on the specifics you indicated. This list will contain our detailed description of the boats and crew, as well as each boat's brochure. On receiving your initial feedback (the features that you like in both boats and crews ) we can , send you more selections as necessary, until your final choice is made.

If you have a problem during the cruise, we can normally reach a satisfactory solution more easily than you could as an individual.

Using our services will cost you no more, your cost will be the same: the boat owner, not you, pays our commission so it won't make any difference to you.

We ensure you are in safe and professional hands. We are members of the Yacht Charter Association, as well as being members of the British Marine Federation.

Before contacting us about booking a crewed yacht charter:

You should decide on the following - which you can find out by browsing our webiste

  • Your basic budget - all charter rates are quoted 'plus expenses' which can amount to an adittional 25-35% of the charter fee so please be clear if your budget includes expenses
  • The dates for your vacation
  • Number of guests (any children)
  • Area(s) of interest
  • Type of boat you prefer, ( Sailboat, Motoryacht, Catamaran, Gulet etc)
  • Activity preferences: Are you very active, or just want to relax? Do you waterski/Windsurf? Do you want nightlife or quietness?
  • Celebration (if any)

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want.

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